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Two separate San Antonio ISD ballot items will be included on the Nov. 3, 2020 bond election, as Proposition A and Proposition B. The two ballot proposals together total $1.3 billion. 

Taxpayers would not see a tax rate increase from the bond, based on District projections.

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Prop A Chart

BOND 2020 - PROP A

At $1.21 billion, Prop A would allow us to renovate 36 campuses: 21 schools whose main buildings remain much the same as they did when they were built more than 50 years ago; and 15 campuses receiving the final phase of renovations that began under Bond 2016 or Bond 2010. 

For the 21 campuses, renovation projects will vary by school, but what the majority have in common are renovations and upgrades such as: infrastructure, classrooms, cafeterias and kitchens, restrooms, special-needs accessibility, and safety modifications to front entries. These renovations would enable the District to provide facilities that are more equitable with what is offered in neighboring school districts. 

To see a list of schools that would receive renovations, click here to the Renovations tab.

Building infrastructure upgrades would include replacing old, inefficient heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC); plumbing; electrical; and mechanical systems with efficient new systems. 

Classrooms would be renovated to new educational spaces that meet state guidelines and support today’s teaching and learning models. This includes large, modern classrooms, access to areas with flexible spaces and moveable walls to adapt for projects, breakout and huddle spaces, more natural light, outdoor learning areas, and mobile furniture to provide for easier student collaboration and/or safe social distancing. 

Proposition A also would fund the completion of renovations at 15 campuses that received partial renovations and upgrades under Bond 2010 or Bond 2016. The campuses would receive renovations to areas that were not renovated in past bonds, such as fine arts and athletic facilities, with most of them getting a new main or secondary gym and some of them receiving new weight rooms and training facilities and/or new sports fields with artificial turf, among other site improvements. 

All schools across the District would receive security upgrades with interior and exterior cameras. And all air-conditioning chillers in the District that are at least 15 years old would be replaced, which would benefit an additional 30 campuses

Additionally, funds will go toward buildings housing new school models, including Rodriguez Montessori Elementary and Young Women’s Leadership Academy – Primary, to renovate classroom spaces as grade levels are added.

Building Conditions

BOND 2020 - PROP B

Prop B chart
Proposition B, at $90 million, would fund new technology in all schools, equipping every classroom and other areas of the school with the necessary infrastructure and wireless/wired components for high-speed connectivity for learning across the campus.

Proposition B would also fund interactive smart boards and volume-enhancing audio systems for classrooms to support synchronous and asynchronous learning, as well as devices, charging carts and other support tools.


VIDEO TOURS of Campuses Proposed for Renovations and Upgrades

Blue Ribbon Task Force
Visit the video library on the Blue Ribbon Task Force page for video tours of some of the campuses that would receive upgrades under Prop A. Videos are categorized by Board of Trustee single-member districts.

The task force functions in an advisory capacity to the school board, superintendent and senior staff.