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The SAISD Board of Trustees voted August 17 to call for a $1.3 billion bond election, with two separate propositions to appear on the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot for school renovations and technology. 

Taxpayers would not see a tax rate increase from the bond, based on District projections. 

The decision to move forward on the Nov. 3 elections followed recommendations from a community-based Blue Ribbon Task Force, as part of the District long-range facilities master plan.

Under Proposition A, $1.21 billion: The bond would address significant renovation needs for 36 campuses. This includes 21 schools whose main buildings have not been fully renovated in more than 50 years, and most with 30-year-old infrastructure. In addition, funds would go toward the final phase to complete campus renovations at 15 schools that received partial renovations under Bond 2016 or Bond 2010. 

Of the 43 schools with the oldest infrastructure on the long-range facilities master plan, this bond would fund renovations for nearly half of them, and completely renovate the majority of the largest schools. 

All SAISD schools would benefit from the 2020 bond with security upgrades. In addition, all outdated air-conditioning chillers would be replaced, benefiting another 30 campuses, and at the 21 aging schools to receive renovations, high-quality, modern HVAC systems would be installed as part of that work, boosting indoor air quality by allowing for fresh air from the outside to be pulled into the system and circulated throughout the school.

Additionally, funds would go toward buildings with new school models, including Rodriguez Montessori Elementary and Young Women's Leadership Academy – Primary, to renovate classroom spaces as grade levels are added. 

Under Proposition B, at $90 million, technology upgrades in every classroom would provide high-speed connectivity, individual devices, support tools, interactive smart boards and audio systems.

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Bond Propositions

Adapting to the changing needs of education

Kids adaptingAs San Antonio ISD faces great challenge, we also face great opportunity. COVID-19 has changed what education delivery looks like. We know that while students are transitioning from home learning back to physical SAISD classrooms, distance learning still is a part of our offerings. We want to continue the momentum of transforming our classrooms and school buildings to meet 21st-century learning, safety, and security standards, providing our more than 48,000 students with environments where they have multiple opportunities to learn.

That’s why our Board of Trustees has called for a $1.3 billion bond election, with two separate propositions to appear on the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot. 

Taxpayers would not see a tax rate increase from the bonds, based on District projections. Visit our tax impact page.

Bond 2020 would fund:

Blue Ribbon Task Force – Bond 2020

Blue Ribbon Task Force The SAISD Board of Trustees appointed a 22-member Blue Ribbon Task Force that evaluated district facility assessments, developed recommendations for priority projects to be included in Bond 2020, among other contributions. 

The task force functions in an advisory capacity to the school board, superintendent and senior staff.